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Tasha has been performing in various capacities since the age of 4 and was one of the original Circus Siren Atlantians. She holds several certifications including SCUBA diving (Divemaster), freediving, lifeguarding, and yes, a mermaid certification (she’s even a PADI and NAUI Mermaid Instructor!). She has taken her mermaiding internationally, swimming with sharks and rays in Tahiti, sea lions in Mexico, and tropical fish in the Caribbean. Tasha strives to educate and bring her passion for marine life to the Delmarva Peninsula, where she conducts several Mermaid Camps a year teaching others how to be stewards for the environment and true mermaids. Tasha has also partnered with Oceana Mid-Atlantic, Delaware Sea Grant, Assateague Coastal Trust, and Chesapeake Bay Environmental Center for events and has been featured on QAC TV and Delmarva Life for her environmental work as a mermaid. Check out her fun, interactive mermaid children's books to learn more about the environment and what you can do to protect it!



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